Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Hire a Personal Injury

On our firm overview page, we talk about how our lawyer’s approach is different from than other personal injury lawyers. But you might be wondering, “Why I should hire a personal injury lawyer at all?” Isn’t my insurance company supposed to help me out?”

Well, insurance companies are contradictory by their nature: We pay them to help us in case of a tragedy, but insurance companies make more money when they give us as little help as possible. If they can get away with giving you nothing at all for your claim, well, that’s a lot of money they get to add to their bottom line.

In fact, insurance companies have entire systems designed to get you to agree to tiny, insufficient settlements and avoid personal injury litigation. This is how they make money, and they do it well. Insurance companies have powerful forces on their side:

Professional adjusters, who are carefully trained to find ways to deny your claims. Although they act nice, they exploit your trusting nature and your need to get money. Even if you don’t agree, they will use whatever you say against you later. A simple, self-deprecating comment like “eh, it’s not so bad, really” can be used as proof against you in personal injury litigation.

Attorneys on staff, who will use picky little legal points to “prove” that your claim is invalid. Say you hurt your leg badly in an auto accident, but thought you could tough it out. But after a day, you realize you can’t and go to the emergency room. In a lawsuit, an insurance company lawyer might say that you weren’t really hurt in the accident because you waited a day to see a doctor.

These people are paid whether you get helped or not – in fact, they are usually rewarded if they are good at denying insurance claims. Basically, it’s not insurance companies’ job to take care of you. It’s their job to make money off of you, and that means not giving you money.

Why do I need an attorney? Why can’t I handle this myself?

Hire a Personal Injury

The truth is, your legal issue is too important not to seek experienced legal counsel. There seems to be a stigma attached to hiring an attorney. Many people feel their issue is too trivial, too unimportant to hire a lawyer to handle it.

But look at it this way – A lawyer is just a professional you hire to handle legal issues, just like you’d hire an accountant to do your taxes, or a realtor to sell your home. Attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of law. They understand how legal processes work.

How is a Personal Injury Attorney Different?

Personal injury attorneys are on no one’s side but yours. Good PI lawyers aim to make you whole again so that you can recover from your severe injury and get on with your life. Even the most unscrupulous lawyers have a clear incentive to get you as much money as possible.

Personal injury attorneys who work on contingent fees are only paid when you get a settlement or verdict. Then they get a percentage of the money. The more you get, the more they get.

But they must be able to stand up to the insurance company’s adjusters and trial lawyers. These are formidable foes, and you need an attorney who can combat them, blow for blow.

Personal injury litigation attorney Vern Richards has experience with more than 2000 personal injury lawsuits. He has fought and won against countless insurance companies. He not only will fight for as much money as you truly need – he will also give you the care and attention you deserve.

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