Frisco Child Custody

Child Custody

The court’s primary concern in any custody proceeding is to see that the child’s best interests are served. These tend to be some of the most strenuously contested parts of a divorce proceeding. Both parents have rights in these cases, and it is important to have strong representation from an attorney who will fight to protect them.

Texas Visitation Attorney

There is much at stake in child custody matters, and having the right family law attorney on your side can go a long way toward ensuring that you continue to have a meaningful part in your children’s lives after the divorce has been finalized.

Working to Protect Your Parental Rights

In the majority of cases, the court awards custody to one parent and visitation to the other. The visitation schedule, as well as each parent’s decision-making authority, is covered by the custody order that will be issued by the court as part of the divorce agreement. The custody also covers custody arrangements for holidays, summer vacations and other considerations.

With every child custody case I take, my primary concern is for the welfare of the children. I also understand how a custody order can impact the relationship you have with your children. I will work diligently to see that your parental rights are thoroughly considered and do everything I can to ensure a meaningful, fulfilling relationship going forward.

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