Frisco Animal & Dog Bite

Dog Bite

Vicious dogs must not be allowed to roam free and bite innocent people. In Texas, leash laws are supposed to prevent aggressive breeds from biting children, but what happens when they do anyway? Who will pay for the medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damage?

Frisco Animal Attack & Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog owners have a responsibility to control their animals, and when they fail in that responsibility, they must pay. A personal injury lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve.

Texas Personal Injury Law & Dangerous Dogs

For victims of dog bites, the law provides a remedy in the form of “premises liability.” Premises liability law holds the owner responsible for your injuries.

Victims of animal attacks and dog bites can sue for all consequences of the attack. If you suffered disfigurement because of a dog bite, the owner should pay for reconstructive surgery. The owner may not know what his responsibilities are. The only way to recover is to higher an experienced personal injury attorney.

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