Special Needs Children

Special Needs Children

Special needs children frequently require a much higher and more specialized level of care and support than other children. The state oversees the care of these children, and there are specific requirements that must be met for a parent to be designated as a caregiver. When the parents of a special needs child get a divorce, custody and other issues can be much more difficult.

These can become very complex cases, and it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. At the Vern D. Richards Law Office in Frisco, Texas, I represent clients in a variety of cases involving special needs children. I work diligently to reach a favorable outcome that serves the best interests of the child and protects the parents’ rights.

Strong Representation on Your Side

When there are disputes over which parent is better suited to care for a special needs child, an ad litem is assigned to review the case and make a determination as to which parent should retain primary custody. The non-custodial parent will need to meet certain requirements to be allowed to keep the child for overnights on visitation weekends. I will make the strongest possible argument in support of your ability to care for your children.

We also handle cases involving special needs adults where elderly parents who care for their children are no longer able to do so. As your attorney, I can help make arrangements for Medicare and Medicaid, locating another family member to act as caregiver or finding a group home if another caregiver is not available. In addition, if the child is in line for an inheritance upon his or her parent’s death, I can help to protect eligibility for federal benefits.

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