Personal Injury Law – Burn Injuries

Personal Injury Law – Burn Injuries

Everyone suffers minor scrapes, bruises, and even the occasional burn every now and again. But when someone suffers a significant burn injury, the pain, suffering, and damages caused can be serious, and even life-threatening. Learning the difference between minor burns and more serious burns is important, especially if you’ve recently suffered an accident and have been burned as a result.personal injury lawyers - burn injuries

Types of Burns

Medical professionals categorize burns based on both their cause and their severity. Here are the four main sources of burn injuries:

Thermal Burns. When most people think of burn injuries, they think of coming into contact with an open flame, a kitchen stove, or another hot object. These types of burns are called thermal burns. When you touch a hot object, the heat transfers to your skin and causes damage.
Scalding Burns. A lot of kitchen burns involve scalding burns. These burns result when your skin comes in contact with a hot liquid or gas. For example, the oil that bubbles up as you are frying chicken often results in very minor scald burns.
Chemical Burns. Chemical burns can be serious because they don’t usually involve heat sources. When we come into contact with various types of chemicals, those chemicals can cause damage to our body’s tissues. These are chemical burns. Chemical burns can arise if a person inhales noxious vapors.
Electrical burns. Electrical burns can be very serious because they not only cause obvious burn damage to exposed skin, but the electricity can also cause unseen damage to tissues and organs. Electrical burns are often some of the most serious types of burns because the readily apparent damage can be very minor, even though the total damage done to the body is far more extensive.

Burn Degrees

When health care professionals evaluate the extent of a burn injury, they categorize the burns a person has sustained in degrees. The degree of the burn, as well as other factors, will determine the types of treatment involved, whether scaring will be present, and how long the burn victim will take to recover.

*First-Degree. A first-degree burn is painful, but it is also the least serious type of burn. This type of injury only affects the outer layers of the skin, usually healing in a matter of days. First-degree burn victims usually don’t require hospitalization and do not suffer permanent side effects.
Second-Degree. Second-degree burns are more serious. They are extremely painful and can take up to 35 days to heal. Second-degree burns *can result in minor scarring, as well as discoloration to the skin. These types of injuries are often caused by chemical and scald burns.Truck accident attorneys - Burn victims
*Third-Degree. Even though it’s the most serious type, third-degree burns typically result in little to no pain. Someone suffering a third-degree burn may not fully realize the extent of the injury, but even small burns can take months or longer to heal. In the most severe cases, skin grafts will be required to treat the injury, and extensive scarring could be present.

If these burns are the result of an accident or someone’s negligence, you may be able to recover damages. To be sure, you can contact a personal injury lawyer and discuss your unique situation. Personal injury lawyers will often provide a free initial consultation and will be able to better assess your situation and determine if filing a lawsuit would be advisable.

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Wrongful Death Lawyer: Accident Attorney: San Antonio Work-Related Death Cases:

Wrongful Death Lawyer: Accident Attorney: San Antonio Work-Related Death Cases:

A work-related death can involve many different areas of the law. A few that come to mind are car accident death, 18 wheeler accident death, construction accident death, aviation accident death, boating accident death, product defect death including but not limited to toxic products, exposure to asbestos or Benzene, railroad accidents, accidents involving people served too much alcohol ie dram shop, motorcycle accidents, oil rig accidents, refinery accidents, offshore oil rig accidents, oilfield accidents, warehouse accidents, oil refinery accidents, cargo ship accidents, industrial accidents, explosions, loading dock accidents, mesothelioma related to asbestos, leukemia related to exposure to Benzene, falling objects, crane accidents, forklift accidents, structural collapse, fire or burn, equipment malfunction, crushing accidents and many more.accident injury attorneys

I can’t cover all of this subject matter, but many of these subjects are covered in other pages contained in this website. Another important consideration is whether or not the accident took place while the deceased was on the job or working in the course and scope of his employment. If so, please see our pages on “workers compensation” and “nonsubscriber cases”.Does the employer have workers’ compensation?

The critical issue concerning accidents that occur on the job is workers’ compensation. If the work-related death or accident involves an employer that has workers compensation coverage, then the family of the deceased must prove that the deceased have financial dependents and that the employer was grossly negligent.

Gross negligence caps in Texas are governed by Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 41.008. The cap on punitive damages is the larger of $200,000 or non-economic damages up to a limit of $750,000 plus two (2) times the economic damages.

How can our law firm help you with your work-related death case?

The benefit of hiring our San Antonio law firm’s wrongful death attorneys for these types of cases is that we can help you navigate the complex legal issues that you will face. There are many legal considerations that must be kept in mind so as not to allow the defendant the legal “upper hand”. Our attorneys understand that San Antonio is a city with a large population of skilled workers who are routinely put in harm’s way because of the dangerous nature of the work.

We recently represented a young man in San Antonio that got his hand caught in a meat grinder while on the job. Ultimately, the hand and arm became infected and the young man died from his injuries. Our firm was hired by the family of the deceased to pursue the San Antonio-based employer.

Additional online resources offered by our firm in San Antonio:

Please see our pages regarding “machinery injury”, “explosions”, “loading dock”, “mesothelioma\asbestos”, and “warehouse” to obtain more detailed information. Construction work and the relating catastrophic injuries and even death that can occur receive a lot of media exposure because of the severity of the accidents. Recently, here in San Antonio, the press has reported a trench collapse accident, a death from electrocution on the construction site, and a crane accident that caused the death a young father of two small children. Cranes are used extensively at construction sites across the city of San Antonio. The crane operator must exercise extreme caution when operating such large and heavy equipment.

Practice Areas: Car Accidents, Trucking Accidents. On the Job Injuries. Wrongful Death. Construction Accidents, Boating Accidents, Premises Liability. Contact Us

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Have You suffered A Personal Injury – Hire A Good Lawyer

Have You suffered A Personal Injury – Hire A Good Lawyer

There is a step-by-step process you can follow in the event you suffer a personal injury from an accident or other related events. Since you cannot readily determine the scope of the damage of your injuries, you cannot simply choose to forget the accident ever happened. It may happen that you need to exercise your rights and file for legal claims due to the variety of problems the accident may cause in the future.18 wheeler accident

It is recommended to do some research to have an idea of the things you should remember if you find yourself in an accident. You can easily gain insight about the topic from various websites that deal with such issues. You can look up personal blogs of people who have suffered personal injuries from accidents and went through a legal fight. Also visit the websites of companies that offer professional services for personal injury cases. You can also sign up in online forums, join discussions about the topic and read posts about the subject.

If you prefer printed material, go to your local library to find books related to the topic. You may also opt to purchase books. Before making a purchase, make sure to browse the pages first to know if the book is written in a manner that can be easily understood by a layperson.

If you find yourself in an accident, do not just passively wait for help to arrive. There are steps you must perform so that you will not have a hard time filing a case in the event you have determined you are qualified to do so.

1. You must first ascertain that you are fine. If you have sustained an injury, ask another person to perform the steps for you while you receive treatments for the various pains and damages caused by the accident.

2. In place of a digital camera, photograph the evidence from the accident using your cellphone camera. Photograph all details that you can later use to strengthen your case and compensation claim. If you are unable to take pictures because of your injuries, ask another person to do this step for you.Car Accident Law

3. Along with photographic evidence, you should also have a written record of all information that might be asked by investigators. These details include the date, time, location of the accident, as well as things such as what activity you were engaged in when the accident occurred. Write these details down on paper because you may find yourself unable to recount what exactly happened later on.

4. Seek the help of a personal injury lawyer immediately. Tell the lawyer all the things you can remember from the accident. All the evidence from the scene of the accident must be handed over to the lawyer. Tell the lawyer all the things that can help the claim move forward. Your lawyer is your ally, and between you and your lawyer, you can build a strong case.

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