Texas Fatal Accident Involving Veterans Being Investigated

Auto Accident

Many accidents have legal fault and responsibility. These can involve accusations that someone was not paying attention or made a decision that was reckless or unreasonable under the circumstances. In such situations, victims may believe that a person should be held responsible for any resulting harm that comes from such an accident. Not as many accidents tend to result from criminal liability; but when they do, the parties who are responsible should be held accountable as well. The process of holding them responsible is in some ways more painful for the families suffering a loss as from a fatal accident or a serious one, but it also may make the process of pursuing a claim simpler.

Last year four veterans were killed in an accident at a parade in Texas. The veterans were participating in the parade on a float honoring wounded veterans. The float carrying the participants was made from a flatbed truck. The parade route crossed over train tracks and the float was hit by a fast-moving train. It is not clear if the float stopped on the tracks or was in motion at the time of the accident.

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