Frisco Living Will Law

Living Will Law

If you have ever known someone who was being kept alive by life support, then you understand what a difficult situation it leaves the family members in. Everyone thinks he or she knows what the loved one would have wanted, and bitter arguments can beset the family at a time when all family members should be there to support one another.

In order to prevent this type of situation in your family, you would be wise to have a living will in place. This document allows you to make your wishes known with regard to how you want your medical care handled in the event you become terminally ill or unable to make decisions for yourself.

Drafting a Living Will

There are many important issues that need to be considered in the process of drafting a living will. At the Vern D. Richards Law Office in Frisco, Texas, I take the time to walk clients through the entire process and explain the implications of each directive in the document. I make sure that you have all the information you need to make a sound decision that truly represents your wishes.

As your attorney, I will work with you to fully understand your wishes abut medical intervention and the extent of the extraordinary measures that should be taken to keep you alive. I will help you clearly define any lifesaving measures that you would like taken and at what point lifesaving measures should be stopped.

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