Brain Injury

Many kinds of accidents that injure individuals are so common that it may seem straightforward to determine who should have liability for a person’s injuries. Some situations are so far outside of a typical person’s experience that they demand special knowledge and skill to explore them and determine what happened, and who should be held responsible. The propeller accident causing a brain injury that happened in late 2011 to a fashion blogger in Texas is just such an occurrence.

While the details of the case were not fully revealed in one recent report, safety around planes and airstrips is not an arena most people know well. As a result, it might be difficult for the average person to know whether proper safety protocols were followed. Additionally, it is likely that only a person with specialized experience would know whether the circumstances surrounding an unusual accident were appropriate.

The person in this unusual accident who was struck by a plane’s rotating propeller suffered many serious injuries, including an extensive brain injury and the loss of one of her hands. Where the injuries are so serious and related treatment is so costly, it is important that the right parties be held responsible in the case. The injured person’s recovery has been described as painstaking a year after the accident itself.

In addition to the knowledge necessary to determine the safety standards in the case, there may be additional issues and requirements within the environment. The airport itself likely has specific responsibilities. Any staff involved in flying the plane or directing the passengers was likely also have very specific responsibilities. There may be many factors in a case where unusual circumstances lead to a brain injury like this one in Texas and it is important for an injured person to be well informed so he or she may look out for his or her own interests.

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